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The Caux Interns Leadership Programme - international training programme for young people, facilitated by Inside Change

Institute for Cultural Affairs UK - deliver training and facilitation using the Technology of Participation. Check it out. 

South Sudan Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation - the facebook page of the recent training in Yei, jointly facilitated by Inside Change, the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and Youth in Solidarity

Cognitive Edge - thinking around complexity theory and its application to real-world issues

Presencing Institute - MIT research centre looking at new angles on leadership and the concept of 'leading from the emerging future'

Initiatives of Change - website of the international network whose people and ideas are foundational for Inside Change

Caux Scholars Program - a four-week academic programme in Caux, Switzerland, led by Carl Stauffer, from Eastern Mennonite University

Video archive - serious and non-serious...